2019 :: SIRE

Hoe bewegen we Nederland om meer te gaan repareren?

We gooien in Nederland veel waardevolle spullen weg. Voor SIRE creëerden wij daarom een statement tegen deze hardnekkige weggooicultuur: Waardeer het. Repareer het.
Een nationale campagne dat een ode geeft aan onze hedendaagse spullen. Met als doel het sentiment rond repareren af te stoffen en Nederland d.m.v een online spraakgestuurde reparatie-assistent een helpende hand te bieden om zelf aan de slag te gaan.
Made at: Dept Agency
With: Rob Voortman, Rene Verbong, Basha de Bruijn, Dennis Gijsbers, Pink Rabbit, Ambassadors, Rimer London e.a.

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2018 :: IKEA

How to make IKEA stand out as sleeping expert?

The approach: don't focus on the bed, focus on the whole bedroom. Because everyone knows - Tidy Room Tidy Mind. The idea: At the end of the day we recharge all of our batteries. We only forget the most important one: ourselves. With this 360° campaign IKEA helps you to make your bedroom a place to recharge.
Made at: Havas Lemz
With: Sander vd Vlasakker, Floris Kingma, Marga Bierema, CZAR, Ambassadors, Sound Circus et al.

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2018 :: IKEA

How can we inspire people to make more daring choices in their interior?

The average Dutch is rather conservative in the field of home furnishings. That's why IKEA asked us to came up with an idea that changes this perception: 'What a small change can do'. Because just a small adjustment to your interior can have a greater effect than you think. You don't have to flip the entire room, some small cushions can totally bright up the place and even earn you some karma-points!
Made at: Havas Lemz
With: Sander vd Vlasakker, Noel Loozen, Marga Bierema, HALAL, Sound Circus et al.

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2016 :: Longfonds

How can you get donations for something most just take for granted?

To raise awareness and collect donations for research on lung failure, we let people experience first hand how it feels to be breathless. Known and unknown Dutchies challenged the public and invited them to donate 10 cents for every seconds without air. The campaign was a great succes and raised 100.000 seconds of breathlessness and 4.2 million impressions in the first week alone. It especially helped the lung foundation with a fresher image and created more likeabilty. The website became FWA site of the day.
Made at: Lemz
With: Huibert-Jan vd Fange, Rob Lucker, Vanessa Janssen, Hazazah, Kapsalon, De Grot et al.

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2017 :: Formerly known as the 1%Club

What does the future of CSR looks like?

CSR does not have to be boring to have a serious impact. GoodUp is a new tech brand that offers a white-label CSR platform, already in use by companies such as Unilever, Booking.com, Bugaboo, Accenture and more. On these platforms employees can work together on awesome projects by sharing money, knowledge and/or time. The concept for this new developed brand is all about lowering the barriers of CSR activities. With a new name inspired by a square we 'UP' doing 'Good' to a new level. Extended with fresh illustrations GoodUp bypasses CSR cliches and radiates optimism and fun. [BHAG] In 2030 all these platforms will have a positive impact on the lives of 1 billion people!
Made at: Havas Lemz

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2017 :: Gemeente Den Haag

How do you attract more young professionals to
The Hague?

The Hague is known for two things: peace & justice. That's why the city asked us to brand the city for the 'selfmade' young professionals. To kick-off their new brand strategy we launched the opportunity to live 30 days like a Hagenees: complete with free housing, work experience and lots of recreation. We received responses from all over the world and picked three lucky ones. They did the rest, on social media. And after 30 days? They never left...
Made at: Lemz
With: Huibert-Jan vd Fange, Rene Nuijens, FONO

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2013 :: HotelsAhead

Introducing: Zoku
a new hotel concept for independent people

Around the world, more and more folks want to live flexible. Those who live and work in a city for between 5 days and 3 months and then move on. At traditional hotels you can get lonely and have to adapt. Zoku thinks that's a bunch of kaka. People need flex, respect and the option to make offline connections. They're willing to live in smaller homes and that's where Zoku comes in. To introduce the concept to new collaborators we created the brand around the concept, with a brand story, an illustrated identity and a website that rocket launched Zoku into the real life.
Made with: Bob Stel, Festina Lente Collective

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2015 - 2017 :: LO Care

Introducing: Lo
a new carefree lip-care brand

Because all lip care is full nasty stuff, Lo invented a sizzling new lipcare product. Designed as a spa for your lips; made with nothing but natural ingredients. From logo to packaging, everything is designed with the base of the product and her hometown Amsterdam in mind: water.

Lo will be launched in the X BANK soon.

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2016 :: Alzheimer Nederland / Samen Dementievriendelijk

How can we create more understanding for dementia?

Dementia affects 1 in 5 people. That's a lot. But in the early stages of dementia, these people can still live in their own homes and live as normal as possible. So it's very likely that you'll meet someone with Dementia on the street. To raise awareness we developed: Samen Dementievriendelijk. A platform with tools, trainings and experiments to show that everyone can help when needed.
Made at: Lemz
With: Pepijn Rooijens, Pim Gerrits, Chapter, Kate Puglsy

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2017 - 2018 :: Greenchoice

How to make Greenchoice more distinctive and create more impact?

Greenchoice is one of the first green energy suppliers to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy in the Netherlands. To reposition the brand we built upon the brands unique 'rebellious' DIY heritage and positioned Greenchoice as an energy supplier that actually takes action to make the transition happen. With a powerful statement and several actions to actually put the power to contribute to a greener Netherlands into your own hands.
Made at: Havas Lemz
With: Sander vd Vlasakker, Merien Kunst, Remco Marinus, Ambassadors, In60Seconds

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2017 :: Bar Benjamin

A new 'brown-café in Amsterdam West

You have a first life at home, a second life at work and in Amsterdam you have a third life; at the brown-café. But these cultural goods are disappearing fast. Amsterdam is moving on and blooming like never before. But sometimes I just want the time to stand still and retreat in the shadow of a brown-café. So when I had the opportunity to come up with a concept for this small bar in West, there was only one concept to adapt... We named it Benjamin: the smallest and youngest of the family. Order a Kopstoot and enjoy Amsterdam as it is.

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2011 :: DOX Records

A happy album about
Steye's broken heart

Oldie but goodie. Steye is funny guy, but also funny guys can be real sad. The paradox of his broken heart is on this album. So is on this album artwork.

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2011, 2012, 2013 :: 5DaysOff

Three years of
5 Days Off: the biggest electronic music festival in Amsterdam.

5 Days Off is an electronic music festival held since 2000 that brings the best DJ's and producers from all around the globe to Amsterdam. Five days filled with new electronic music, workshops, talkshows, exhibitions and even a record fair. We pushed the festival to a new level and did a repositioning, identity and campaigns for three years.
Made at: Grrr

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2017 :: IKEA Nederland

How to reposition IKEA with more quality and attention?

IKEA has never told the many stories behind their home furnishing solutions. Our repositioning of IKEA consists of a serie of portraits about the people behind the products. In order to tell this in a credible way, real designers tell audiences why and how they make the products with so much care and attention. This 60" commercial is telling the story behind the VIMLE couch system, told by interior designer Lotte.
Made at: Havas Lemz
With: Tomas Kaan, Hazazah, De Grot

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2015 :: IKEA Nederland

Can Swedish-meatball-emoticons put an end to domestic disputes?

Worldwide coverage in over 260 media outlets resulted in over 33 million views. The app ranked #1 download in Holland, among the top 10 in six countries, among the top 100 in 54 countries in the Apple App Store, and among the top 100 downloaded apps in 22 countries in the Google Play Store. The app also led to lots of tidier households, less quarrelling, and more love and understanding at home.
Made at: Havas Lemz
With: Sue Doeksen

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2013, 2014 :: De Balie

Branding a new 3-day festival about words

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2011 :: Museumnacht

How to connect youngsters between 18 and 35 with museums in Amsterdam?

The Museumnight in Amsterdam has been promoting museums to young people since 2001. I was responsible for their campaigns in 2010 and 2011. In order to appeal to a younger generation we changed course to more online interaction. By letting them contribute actively and by showing contributions made by influencers, a sense of co-ownership was created. A custom alphabet was developed where every letter is referring to a different museum, with this we where able to communicate different messages without losing the bold identity.
Made at: Grrr

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2014 :: Restaurant Boom

Wipe a smile on your face with custom napkins at this new restaurant

2014 :: Loving Day & De Balie

Introducing Loving Day in the Netherlands

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2009 :: Knobsticker

Tell your crowd a myth to promote your new album

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2014 :: IKEA

Thinking in solutions with 5 helpful IKEA campaigns

2010 :: Gemeente Utrecht

How to attract more tourists to Utrecht?

To let tourist stay in Utrecht at night we created Trajectum Lumen; a ninety-minute walk in Utrecht city centre combining light, art and storytelling. The brand had to be equally entertaining and informative, and tell great stories in a beautiful, visually appealing way. We came up with a fictional character named Luman, Utrecht's Lord of the Night, who would guide you through the city's dark secrets. We made an interactive map that brought you closer to the story. Offline you can find a branded city bus, billboards, lanterns and footsteps throughout the city.

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2010 :: Festina Lente Collective

Promoting a new basil flavoured drink: Basqua

2008 :: Graduation at HKU

Store your memories
trough music

2012 :: Triodus

One identity for more than 200 child daycare centres

2012 - 2016 :: Berg & Bos

Identity & annual posters for my favourite theatre group